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Supply Chain Solutions for
Lifestyle Goods

Transport and logistics are decisive issues in achieving competitive performance in the retail industry. As a top-rated transport and logistics service provider to this sector, UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS is ideally placed to offer optimum solutions, which are always geared at maximizing supply chain performance and optimizing costs.

Management of geographically diverse supply flows

Supply chains have become much more complex in recent years, with a number of dynamic forces in play, including sourcing practices, diversification in sales and distribution formats. Because full and accurate visibility of incoming flows is more important than ever, we offer high-reliability real time tracking of your supply flows.

Cost Optimization

Control over the supply chain is a determining factor for competitive performance in the retail sector. Along with purchasing and marketing, transport and logistics are crucial productivity levers. By meeting your needs for the management and optimization of international flows, UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS solutions provide effective support to your growth initiatives.

Reliable logistics for multi-channel distribution

Because your customers rely on the delivery times you promise across all delivery modes, reliability becomes a critical factor in brand image. In taking responsibility for the reliability of your supply chain, we will take charge of your multi-channel deliveries and commits to strict lead time compliance in all circumstances.

Handling of very large goods volumes

Retailers are regularly confronted with seasonal peaks, so you need responsive partners who are capable of handling the logistics and transport of large volumes of goods at critical time.

A more responsible supply chain

UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS integrates environmental and social factors in the supply chain management solutions it offers. Such environmental care includes measures for carbon footprint reduction, management of electrical and electronic waste and appropriate best practice in handling reverse logistics…
Ensure quality control and the smooth flow of goods to where they need to be.
At UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS, our quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) services ensure that products entering and leaving our warehouses are free from defects and in a suitable condition.


To be able to help our clients achieve their dream heights in business by offering world class logistics solutions to them & be their growth partners.


To be known as a ONE STOP SOLUTION for our clients, being Innovative and trustworthy company in the world of logistics.