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Supply Chain Solutions for
IT Hardware

The technology industry works at a very fast pace. It’s all about getting your products into the hands of tech-hungry consumers and businesses as soon as possible.

By outsourcing the Logistics of the same to us you get the supply chain flexibility you need to keep pace with the dynamically changing technology marketplace.

UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS provides you an end-to-end solution for your technology supply chain needs. Our flexible solutions mean we can provide dedicated warehousing, short-term space for a project or space in a shared use facility. Whether managing inbound parts to your manufacturing plant, distributing goods to your customer or servicing your aftermarket parts network, UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS provides you the visibility required to improve efficiency, reduce costs and deliver consistent results.

If your challenge is to develop a streamlined supply chain. To accomplish your goal, you need a supply chain partner that continuously provides improvement solutions that keep pace with the changing marketplace. We can help you by using our 100% self-Network, supply chain knowledge, analytical skills, and proactive approach to provide stable and efficient solutions.

We are committed to render Class 1 Services to all our patronage.


To be able to help our clients achieve their dream heights in business by offering world class logistics solutions to them & be their growth partners.


To be known as a ONE STOP SOLUTION for our clients, being Innovative and trustworthy company in the world of logistics.